Block 21 in Wateridge Village

Property restricted value: $4,935,000

Wateridge Village is the former Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Rockcliffe in Ottawa, Ontario. It is the largest undeveloped piece of land within Ottawa’s Greenbelt.

Block 21 has been identified as ideally situated to host a mixed-use development which includes affordable housing. This property is vacant land, is serviced, zoned appropriately and is fully ready for development.

According to CMHC Housing Market Information Portal over the last three years, vacancy rate has decreased form 3.4% in fall 2015 to 1.6% in fall 2018. The total rental market in Ottawa holds a universe of 62,538 apartments as of CMHC’s Fall 2018. For more information, please consult CMHC’s Market Insight Ottawa – Ottawa CMA Report.

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Current Market Conditions

Land Area

Total land size 12,184 m2



Sub Type

Low to mid-rise residential blocks and mixed-use blocks

general information

Wateridge Village has been owned primarily by the Canada Lands Company CLC Limited. The total site area is 125 hectares and Block 21 land area is 1.22 ha. Through the Community Design Plan (CDP) process CLC prepared a master plan for the overall development of the lands and development will occur on a phased basis.

Due to the site’s proximity to downtown, the new community will be built at relatively high densities compared to the outer suburbs. This will lead to a variety of low, mid and highrise housing types including detached dwellings, townhouses, walk-ups and stacked units, lane-oriented housing and apartments.

Development in the CDP will have particular focus on:

  • compact and complete mixed use forms

  • transit and pedestrian connections to the surrounding city fabric

  • enhancement of the existing natural environment

  • prioritizing non-vehicular movement

  • reflecting and respecting the heritage and legacy of the Algonquin peoples and serving to connect cultures

  • commemorating the military heritage of the site

The community will be designed as an attractive, compact urban community with aesthetically interesting and sustainable urban neighbourhoods. Low impact development (LID) techniques will be the hallmark of the Wateridge community.

Block 21

The site is located within Phase 1B at Wateridge Village. 

Phase 1B envisions approximately 750 units in low to mid-rise residential blocks and mixed-use blocks, 2 elementary schools, a large community park and a town square. 

Block 21 (Identified as Block 37 in the Land Use Plan) is located east of Codd’s Road and north of Mikinak Road between Block 19 and 22, and north of the South Community Park. It is located in the Core neighbourhood and this area is characterized by 9 blocks of mid-rise mixed-use blocks in the heart of the community.

The Core is in close proximity to everything, it is a place where residents, those who work in the area, and outside visitors can gather and socialize. The intent of the Core is to be a compact,  pedestrian oriented area.

Hemlock Core Street will be developed as the core of the community and should be framed by active, street-level pedestrian-friendly uses such as retail and other street oriented commercial uses, and street related entrances to residential and mixed-use buildings.

Current Zoning is GM-31, for permitted uses City of Ottawa Zoning By-Law


The following resources are available to help you prepare your application:

To request access to CMHC’s Document vault, which includes all relevant documentation, please contact your local Affordable Housing Specialist.

special requirements

Proponents must submit a proposal which includes no fewer than 173 residential units.

While zoning permits commercial space within this project, no more than 30% of total square footage should be designed as commercial/retail area and this should be restricted to the ground floor only. If a proponent submits a proposal which exceeds this threshold, the FLI reserves the right to adjust the purchase price to be paid by the proponent accordingly.

Competition Deadline

Applications for Block 21 in Wateridge Village (Land ID ON-OT-L001) can be submitted between February 11th, 2019 to May 13th, 2019 at 2:00pm EST.

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Date Published: August 16, 2018