Everybody deserves a place to live that protects both their health and safety. So when major repairs are needed to bring on-reserve housing up to minimum health and safety standards, we’re here to help. Through our Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) On-Reserve, we help First Nations cover the costs of major repairs to substandard homes.

Who is eligible for financial support?

This program is open to all First Nations or individual First Nation members who need major repairs to their homes. The occupants’ total household income must be at or below the established limit which is based on the location of the community.

What work is eligible?

Financial support is available for homes that lack basic facilities or need major repairs to keep the occupants safe. Structural, electrical, plumbing, heating and fire safety work are just some of the areas covered by this program. Support may also be available to address problems of overcrowding.

Important: Have you done any of these repairs before getting your application approved in writing? If so, they won’t be eligible for funding under this program.

How much financial support is available?

We will provide up to $60,000 for each unit that needs major home repairs. If your property is located on-reserve in northern or remote areas, the maximum amount may be increased by 25%. This is a forgivable loan, meaning it doesn’t have to be repaid if you meet all the terms and conditions.

What if I need funding for a different kind of project?

You may be eligible for one of our other on-reserve housing programs. For example, we have a program to help with emergency repairs to on-reserve housing. There are also programs to fund accessibility modifications for people with disabilities and adaptations for seniors.

For more information about this program, please contact your First Nation Housing Specialist.

Date Published:: March 31, 2018