Use this checklist to size up the physical state of the condominium.

Common Elements — Interior

  • Lobby is clean and in good repair.
  • Exterior doors, locks and security system are functional.
  • Recreational amenities (if any) are in good working order and clean.
  • Elevators are clean and functional.
  • Corridors are clean, well lit and odour-free; carpets are in good repair and paint is unmarked.
  • Stairwells are well lit; doors and door handles are functional.
  • Stairs have handrails and the stair edgings are marked for increased safety
  • Common basement or locker facilities are well lit, clean and dry.
  • No signs of water leaks or mold.
  • Parking structure does not show any evidence of leaks or concrete deterioration.
  • All areas meet your needs for ease of accessibility.

Common Elements — Exterior

  • Garbage and recyclables are in receptacles or dumpsters.
  • Snow and ice are removed from walkways and parking areas if viewing in the wintertime.
  • Amenities are clean and in good repair, including recreational facilities (such as playground structures) and landscaping.
  • Exterior walls are not cracked, corroded or water-stained.
  • Balcony railings are rigid and rust-free and balcony slabs are not breaking up.
  • Roadways, sidewalks and parking areas are in good shape with no standing water.
  • Block heaters (if any) are functional.
  • Lighting in pathway and parking lot is good.
  • Walls have no water stains, corrosion, loose siding or white marks on brick.
  • Lawn and fences are in good condition.


  • Favourable initial reaction to odours upon entering the unit.
  • Exterior door to unit is in good repair, with unmarked paint and functioning latch and locks.
  • Drywall is not dented or broken.
  • Paint is unmarked.
  • Flooring (including tile, hardwood and carpeting) is clean and in good repair, with no stains, holes or burn marks.
  • Smoke detectors are on each floor.
  • Interior doors are in good repair and open and close easily; latches or knobs are functional.
  • Windows open, shut and lock easily; glass is unscratched; no noticeable drafts or mold; seals are in place.
  • No visible water-stain marks or damaged drywall around windows, near floors or ceilings.
  • All light fixtures are operational.
  • Appliances (if included) are functional, clean and in good repair.
  • Plumbing does not drip.
  • Toilets flush and refill properly.
  • Bathtub and shower walls are clean and solid.
  • Bathtub has solidly installed grab bars for safe entry and exit.
  • Floor of bathtub is non-skid.
  • Electrical sockets function.
  • Kitchen cupboards are in good repair with functional doors and no signs of pests (insects or mouse droppings).
  • Basement is dry and odour-free with no evidence of water damage (which would indicate previous flooding).
  • Basement sump pump is functional (if applicable).
  • Unit heating and air-conditioning systems are working, in good repair and not of an age to be replaced.
  • Exhaust fans in kitchen and bathroom are operational.


  • The neighbourhood is sustainable.
  • The area is safe.
  • The area has features and services you or your family requires (for example, public transit, convenient shopping, parks, good schools).
Date Published:: March 31, 2018