Now that you have decided to rent, it is important to plan for moving day accordingly.

Some people arrange for an overlap period when moving from one residence to another. While paying 2 rents may be costly, it does offer more time to pack, move and set-up your new place.

Being organized and planning ahead to ensure the moving van has been booked, and utilities are hooked up when you arrive is critical.

Don’t forget to number your moving boxes and keep an inventory so that you can be sure you haven’t overlooked a box.


The Office of Consumer Affairs provides information on how to choose a reputable, ethical and professional moving company, and provides a handy checklist to help you in your search:

The consumer checklist for choosing a moving company

 If you are moving to a new province or territory and have a car, make sure to allow for enough time to pass any inspections necessary, and to get your new license plates.

Even if you are simply moving across town, make sure you update your driver’s license and registration as soon as possible. The window for making these changes is usually quite short.


Make sure you conduct a move-in inspection with your tenant and document the condition of the rental unit by taking photographs or video on your smartphone. When the inspection is complete, you and your tenant should both sign a worksheet that documents any previous wear and tear to the property. Some provinces or territories have their own worksheets that must be completed by law.