The Community-Based Tenant Initiative provides small contributions to local organizations that:

  • assist people in housing need
  • help tenants access information on housing options
  • participate in on-site consultations for major developments
  • provide support with financial literacy and financial management (such as transitioning to the proposed Canada Housing Benefit)


Launching in 2019, the Community-Based Tenant Initiative provides contributions to support local organizations whose purpose is to assist people in housing need. The Initiative supports tenants having access to information on housing options and better participating in housing decisions that affect them.

The Initiative will also support tenants achieving readiness to access housing benefits by providing financial literacy and management support. This readiness will become more important to tenants as we lead up to the proposed Canada Housing Benefit.


Funding will be available to local organizations. Their purpose, objectives or related programming must promote access to information and housing related capacity building resources for tenants.

Funding can be used to cover costs relating to information and awareness on tenants’ rights, obligations and housing options. It can also be used to support financial literacy and financial management information and training.


The Community-Based Tenant Initiative will provide $10 million in funding over five years for local organizations that assist people in housing need to access resources and information about their housing options.


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Date Published:: May 2, 2018