Some housing providers, especially in large cities, rely upon a centralized waiting list of applicants, who may even be preapproved regarding their eligibility for subsidized housing under provincial/territorial agreements.

Other housing providers, mostly smaller providers and those serving small towns and rural communities, might keep their own waiting list of applicants.

Advertise for applicants

If your organization doesn’t have a waiting list, you may need to advertise for applicants.

Effective advertising will contribute to how quickly you will be able to find suitable applicants and rent the unit.

If your organization has units to fill for which tenants do not receive a subsidy and must pay full rent, knowing how to advertise these vacant units effectively is a must.

Even small, subsidized co-operatives might advertise if they need a member with a specific set of skills or knowledge. This can be an opportunity to attract a diversity of applicants.

Depending on specific lease or membership terms and provincial/territorial laws, you’ll usually get at least 60 days’ notice of a tenant leaving. This is more than enough time to advertise in places like newspapers and local websites.

Assuming the unit is in good condition and has been thoroughly cleaned, you will need to create an appealing advertisement that will attract qualified applicants.

Date Published:: March 31, 2018