How do you develop an effective policy?

There is not just ONE good process for writing effective policy.

Having and following a well-thought-out process when developing all policies will make sure you write your policies efficiently and consistently.

Let’s break this down into 3 components:

1. Scope and complexity

Policies should only be as detailed and complex as they need to be for the size and complexity of your organization.

In other words, policies don't have to be long or complicated. A couple of sentences may be all that’s needed for each policy area.

Regardless, all your policies must be clear.

2. Writing a policy

Having and following a well-thought-out process will help ensure you write policy efficiently and well.

3. The people involved

For most non-profit housing providers, the board of directors and the housing manager work together to develop new policies and revise existing ones when needed.

However, policies can also be developed by:

  • external consultants
  • staff committees
  • committees of residents
  • stakeholder committees

Once developed, policies must be approved by the group that has legal policy approval authority in the organization

In a non-profit housing corporation that is the board of directors, and in a housing co-operative, the members must approve policies.

Date Published:: March 31, 2018