Overview (PDF)

Tendering enables a housing organization to obtain a contractor who will carry out the proposed work at a guaranteed and competitive price within a specified time period. This fact sheet outlines the various steps included in the tendering process.

Procurement (PDF)

The key to a successful procurement is to choose an approach that works best for the organization. This fact sheet outlines different procurement techniques.

Calls and Submissions Checklist (PDF)

Preparing a public call for tenders includes providing bidders with a lot of information. This checklist is a useful tool that identifies the information that can be included in the tender documents to ensure bidders know what is required.

Analyzing a Bid (PDF)

When a bid is submitted, there are several items to review to see if it is the right bid for the project. This fact sheet outlines some of the key elements that should be considered when analyzing a bid.

Date Published:: March 31, 2018