emiliTRACKER is CMHC’s online tool for tracking loan insurance applications. It lets mortgage professionals track the status of their mortgage insurance applications quickly and easily in real time. 

Getting started

To start using emiliTRACKER, simply register.

If you already registered but still can’t access emiliTRACKER, we may need to confirm some of your information. This usually takes 1-2 business days.

How it works

To track your mortgage insurance application, open the emiliTRACKER online tool and enter:

  • the borrower’s name
  • the address of the property
  • the lender who will be funding the loan

When you submit your request, you will receive one of the following 5 status messages:

  1. CMHC has not yet received the application.
  2. CMHC has received the application and will notify the lender if additional information is required.
  3. CMHC has received the application and responded to the lender.
  4. CMHC does not appear to have an active application.
  5. Please review the information for completeness/accuracy and resubmit.

For added convenience, the status message will also be sent to your e-mail.


If you can’t find your application on emiliTRACKER, try one of the following:

  • verify the accuracy and spelling of all the information entered in the Mandatory (*) fields
  • provide additional details in the Optional fields (such as the Street Type, Street Direction or Apartment Number)
  • use the drop-down menu to verify the lender’s correct name
  • enter the address without a street type or direction (for example, “8th Avenue” instead of “8th Avenue West”)
  • for numeric street names, try submitting with (or without) an abbreviation (such as “2 Avenue” or “2nd Avenue”)
  • for P.O. Boxes, Rural Routes or Concessions, enter “RR” or “PO” in “Street Name” and the number in “Street Number”
  • make sure the postal code is entered correctly and with no spaces (such as “K1A0P7”) You can also confirm the postal code with Canada Post.
Date Published:: January 1, 0001