Tools and resources for construction, operation, maintenance and retrofits of high-rises and multiples.

Energy and water savings case studies

Successful projects that use resource-efficient technologies to reduce annual costs and increase the lifespan of buildings.

Heat recovery and energy recovery ventilators (PDF)

A basic operation and maintenance guide for property managers.

HRV and ERV guide for multi-unit residential buildings (PDF)

Design, install and operate heat recovery and energy recovery ventilation systems in high rises.

Capital replacement planning

Tools to plan for major replacements and repairs as your buildings age.

Operations manual for owners and managers of multi-unit residential buildings (PDF)

Everything you need to know to manage a profitable building, from budgets and staffing to safety and scheduling.

Air leakage control for multi-unit residential buildings (PDF)

A technical manual to help property managers understand the where, why and how of air leaks in high-rises.

Not sure where to start?

Use this interactive PDF to explore and compare savings opportunities for multi-unit residential buildings.

Date Published:: March 31, 2018