1.1 Preparing Our Organization

Group’s Board and senior staff (if any) take the lead. Other specialists can help: insurance broker, organizational experts, experienced housing providers

CMHC Fact Sheet:

Housing sector organizations:

United Way Ottawa

Local Volunteer Centre

1.2 Building a Professional Team

Board and senior staff take the lead, advised by other local housing providers.

CMHC Fact Sheet:

Housing sector organizations:

1.3 Proving Need and Demand

CMHC Fact Sheet:

Statistics Canada’s Community Profiles

Municipal waiting lists (see municipality’s website or local co-ordinated access system)

Local newspaper rental ads.

1.4 Creating a Development Plan

Professional Team members can advise on the pros and cons of the various development options.

CMHC Fact Sheets:

Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association, New Affordable Housing

Canadian Construction Documents Committee

1.5 Finding a Site

Professional Team members can advise on such topics as: environmental issues; purchase and sales agreements; and applicability of the site in relation to the proposed development.

CMHC Fact Sheets:

1.6 Testing Financial Feasibility

Professional Team members will review, assess and make adjustments if required based on financial information developed.

CMHC Fact Sheets:

Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association, Funding Sources

1.7 Planning for Community Engagement

Group takes the lead, with input from Professional Team members, municipal planning staff, local supporters.

CMHC Fact Sheets:

1.8 Writing a Business Plan

Group takes the lead with input from Professional Team members where applicable,informed by all findings so far. Board approval essential at this stage.

CMHC Fact Sheet:

Business Development Bank of Canada

Canada Business Service for Entrepreneurs (information for starting-up a business)

2.1 Securing Funding

Group and Professional Team members identify and research potential funding sources.

CMHC Fact Sheet:

Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association, Funding sources for affordable housing

Free Management Library (fundraising)

2.2 Designing the Building

Professional Team members including your lawyer co-ordinate purchase .

When employed by the group, the architect co-ordinates all technical experts.

CMHC Fact Sheets:

2.3 Obtaining Municipal Approvals

Architect (or possibly the builder) takes the lead, assisted by planning lawyer and media advisor (if necessary). Your group’s involvement in the community engagement process is essential.

CMHC Fact Sheets:

2.4 Seeking a builder

  • Contacting a group that already developed a successful project (see CMHC’s Affordable Housing Project Profiles) can help people find good ideas.
  • Contacting the local home builder association can help people access a member through the association’s directory.
  • Contacting the housing department of your municipality, as well as CMHC’s regional representatives, can also provide useful information as to how to get in touch with a builder.

3.1 Construction Begins

The group must identify a key person from their board or from their Professional Team to take the lead in coordinating activities during the construction phase.

CMHC Fact Sheet:

3.2 Marketing Your Homes

Professional Team member and/or member from the group co-ordinates

Marketing specialist can advise.

3.3 Preparing for Management

Canadian Housing and Renewal Association

Co-operating Housing Federation of Canada

BC Non-Profit Housing Association

Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association

3.4 Preparing to Welcome Residents

Property management company or your own staff take the lead.

3.5 Turning Over the Building

Property management company or your own staff take the lead. Excellent communication with architect and developer/contractors essential.

Date Published:: March 31, 2018