Programs and Financial Assistance

Territories deliver off-reserve funding through agreements with the federal government under the Investment in Affordable Housing, The IAH gives territorial governments the flexibility to provide programs that meet their community’s housing needs. 

For on-reserve housing, assistance is provided by both Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada and CMHC.

Organizations interested in developing or maintaining affordable housing off-reserve, can find help through CMHC’s Affordable Housing Centre. The centre offers Seed Funding to help cover the costs of the early stages of a housing development proposal.

For projects that meet CMHC’s Affordability Criteria, Mortgage Loan Insurance Flexibilities are available for home buyers and developers of rental projects, beyond those available for the financing of market housing.

CMHC also offers the Housing Internship Initiative for First Nations & Inuit Youth (HIIFNIY) for First Nations and Inuit youth who are interested in pursuing employment in the housing industry.

Information Tools:

CMHC also offers a range of information tools to help organizations maintain their housing portfolio. Our Capital Replacement Planning tools are available free of charge to help maintain the long-term viability of a housing project.

Information tools for housing maintenance are available to help organizations and home occupants manage moisture and mold.

Additional Information

For more information, contact a CMHC representative in your region.

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Date Published:: March 31, 2018