Corporate Reporting

CMHC reports to Parliament and the public on its operations, including mortgage loan insurance, through its annual Corporate Plan Summary, its Annual Report and its Quarterly Financial Reports. CMHC is accountable to Parliament through the Minister for CMHC.

  • Annual Reports

    CMHC's annual reports details accomplishments over the year, including the steps taken by the Corporation in all areas of its business to be a high-performing organization and provide the most value to Canadians.

  • Quarterly Financial Reports

    These reports include unaudited quarterly consolidated financial statements and explanatory notes.

  • Summary of the Corporate Plan

    This document provides an overview of CMHC's mandate and business structure, analyses the expected operating environment, and sets out the Corporation's objectives and planned activities over the next five years.

  • Program Evaluation

    The Audit and Evaluation Division conducts each year a number or program evaluations. These evaluations provide CMHC Management, the Minister and the public with evidence-based assessments of the relevance and effectiveness of policies and programs.



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