Our Management Committee

Office of the President

Evan Siddall — President and Chief Executive Officer

Senior Vice-Presidents

Michel Tremblay — Senior Vice-President, Policy, Research and Public Affairs

Marie-Claude Tremblay — Senior Vice-President, Human Resources

Charles MacArthur — Senior Vice-President, Regional Operations and Assisted Housing

Steven Mennill — Senior Vice-President, Insurance

Wojo Zielonka — Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice-President, Capital Markets

Romy Bowers — Chief Risk Officer

Paul Mason — Chief Information Officer

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Deborah Greenberg


Fatima Barros — Vice-President, Audit and Evaluation, Prairie and Territories

Isabelle Bougie — Regional Vice-President, Québec

Audrey Moritz — Vice-President, Housing Markets and Indicators, Atlantic

Caroline Sanfaçon — Regional Vice-President, British Columbia

Christina Haddad — Interim Vice-President, Public Affairs

Carla Staresina — Vice-President, Affordable Housing

Nadine Leblanc — Deputy Chief Risk Officer

Glen Trevisani — Vice-President, Operations (Insurance)

Mark Chamie — Vice-President, Investments and Pension Fund

Kathleen Devenny — Vice-President, Financial Planning and Analysis

Nathalie Fredette — Vice-President, Client Relationship Management

Lisa Williams — Vice-President, Multi-Unit Insurance Operations

Neil Levecque — Vice-President, Technology Strategy and Chief Data Officer



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