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Forming and Running a Housing Co-Op

Understanding the Key Elements

A co-op is a corporation that is governed by the co-op act of the province or territory where the co-op is located. Most housing co-ops in Canada are not-for-profit corporations. As such members are not entitled to distribute dividends or share in the profits of the co-op.

As a corporation, housing co-ops must:

  1. file an annual return to their Province/Territory;

  2. have meetings; and

  3. elect a board of directors.

In a co-op, decisions are made democratically by the members. A majority of the members must support a decision for it to be approved. Therefore:

As member-run organizations there are several ways that the members become involved with the co-op. This section provides an overview of their main responsibilities as a group. Specific details for each Province and Territory are provided in the Provincial and Territorial Fact Sheets.



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