Landlords are legally obliged to ensure that the rental unit complies with the rules and regulations pertaining to minimum standards for:

  • Health
  • Safety
  • Housing
  • Maintenance

Before renting a property, it must meet:

  • Municipal property standards
  • Zoning bylaws
  • Fire safety regulations
  • Local building codes.

It is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that acceptable standards are maintained throughout the duration of the tenancy.

Landlords must:

  • Maintain the tenant’s home in a good state of repair and fit for habitation and at the landlord’s expense comply with health, safety, housing and maintenance standards.
  • Always ensure a reasonable supply of fuel, electricity, hot and cold water and other utility services (cable, Internet) unless the tenant has agreed to obtain and pay for these services.
  • Not interfere with the reasonable enjoyment of the premises by the tenant and the members of their household, or their guests.
  • Not seize, without legal process, a tenant’s property for rent default or for the break of any other obligation of the tenant.
  • Not harass, obstruct, coerce, threaten or interfere with the tenant.

Tenants must:

  • Pay the rent on time.
  • Behave well, clean the rental premises, repair damage caused by a willful or negligent act of the tenant or a person whom the tenant permits on the premises.
  • Not harass, obstruct, coerce, threaten or interfere with the landlord.
  • Contact the landlord as soon as possible when a serious problem arises involving repairs or services.
  • Permit entry (with proper notice) for repairs or showing of premises for the next tenant or purchaser.

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Date Published:: January 1, 0001