Approximately 30% of Canadians rely on rental housing to meet their housing needs.

CMHC offers both funding opportunities and mortgage loan insurance products to support the construction, purchase and refinancing of rental properties.


As Canada's only provider of mortgage loan insurance for multi-unit residential properties, CMHC provides access to preferred interest rates lowering borrowing costs for the construction, purchase and refinance of multi-unit residential properties and facilitates renewals throughout the life of the mortgage. Additional incentives are available to support affordable rental housing projects.

Affordable rental housing mortgage loan insurance products

  • Affordable Housing

    Offers flexibilities to encourage the construction, preservation and improvement of affordable rental properties, helping Canadians meet their rental housing needs. The flexibilities include higher loan-to-value ratios, lower debt coverage ratios, and reduced premiums.

 Market rental housing mortgage loan insurance products

  • Standard Rental Housing

    Provides greater financing choices to borrowers offering standard rental housing accommodations in multi-unit residential buildings.

  • Retirement Housing

    Provides greater financing options to borrowers offering retirement housing for seniors.

  • Supportive Housing

    Provides financing options to borrowers providing supportive housing to help tenants stabilize their lives, enhance their independent living skills, and reconnect with their communities.

  • Student Housing

    Provides financing options to borrowers offering purpose-built student housing both on- and off-campus.

  • Single Room Occupancy

    Provides greater financing choices to borrowers providing single private room accommodations within a multiple tenant building.


Tools and financial assistance to help you create affordable housing without long-term federal subsidies.

  • Seed Funding

    Financial assistance for activities that will help create new affordable housing units and assist existing housing projects to remain viable and affordable.

  • Affordable Housing Innovation Fund

    Offers funding for new funding models and innovative building techniques in the rental housing sector.

  • Rental Construction Financing

    Provides lower-cost loans for the construction of rental housing across Canada.


Date Published:: August 23, 2018