Keeper of My Home

Keeper of My Home is a free resource for educators that teaches students about caring for their home and housing health and safety. It provides classroom content and e-learning games specifically designed for First Nation students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Teaching children and youth about housing can help improve economic and social conditions. It can bring about positive change through a bottom-up approach. This happens as youth become housing champions and teach their families and communities about housing safety and health issues.


Keeper of My Home was developed for First Nation students, from Kindergarten to Grade 12, attending on-reserve schools. Teachers, as well as other facilitators outside of the traditional classroom environment, can use it.

What does it consist of?

The program is made up of classroom learning resources and e-learning games, and is built around the following 4 themes:

1. Traditional teaching of the community
2. First Nation housing topics
3. Home maintenance
4. Home safety

Download the Housing Topic List for Kindergarten to Grade 6

Download the Housing Topic List for Grade 7 to Grade 12


Keeper of My Home will be released in full this fall. Each grade will feature classroom content with interactive activities and an accompanying e-learning guide. Information on how to access these free of charge will be available on this website.

The e-learning for all grades will be available to demo prior to the full release of Keeper of My Home. New grades will be added as they become available.

Try it out here

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Want to know more?

Download the Spotlight on Indigenous Contributors guide to learn more about the amazing talent and experts that have contributed to making Keeper of My Home a reality.

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Date Published: December 31, 2018