Looking to find or advertise a rental property in Canada? Be sure to check:

  • Local, community and ethnic newspapers in the area where you want to search.
  • Free publications that publish rental accommodation ads are often found at local retail stores.
  • Physical bulletin board postings at:
    • Libraries
    • Community centres
    • Grocery stores
    • Laundromats
    • Places of worship
  • With friends, family and acquaintances in your community.
  • With your campus housing office if you are a student.
  • Local real estate offices found in the Yellow Pages.
  • The neighbourhood where you want to live. A For Rent/For Lease sign might catch your eye.
  • With a local community organization that offers housing assistance and settlement services.
  • Online. Search for electronic bulletin board postings, specialized websites, online newspaper classified ads, and Canadian apartment listing websites.

New to Canada? Visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada to find an organization that might be able to help you with settlement services, including: consulting and assistance through the immigration process, as well as locating suitable housing and employment.

Tips for tenants…

Always review new rental postings quickly and visit properties early to make sure someone else doesn’t select a prime rental before you do. This is especially important in tight rental markets when few options are available.

We’ve compiled a worksheet to help you compare rental properties so that you can find the right one for you.

Tips for landlords…

Many community papers publish online classified advertising for free. This can help you avoid paying for web postings from for-profit ventures. If you do choose to pay for an online ad, find out how many unique users visit the relevant section of the website each day, and how many page-views you can expect per month. These numbers are more significant than the often inflated or misleading numbers generated from "hits" alone.

In your ad, don’t forget to highlight key features that make your property different from others in the area — newer, bigger, cleaner, safer, new appliances etc.

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Date Published:: March 31, 2018