Living Room

The FlexHousing™ living room provides a place for all to come together for family gatherings, hosting guests and day-to-day entertainment. Wider entryways, uniform floor level, good lighting, and flexible furniture placement opportunities and clear colour differences between different surfaces will help ensure all can easily and safely join in. Envisioning what other purposes the living room might be put to in the future may lead to the inclusion of additional features, structural provisions and plumbing and wiring services – even if they are not immediately put to use.

Window details

  • The windows in the living area are large providing abundant natural light. The lower units of the windows are operable, and easily accessible, by a person in seated position. The low sill heights facilitate views to the outside from a seated position.


  • The furniture supports accessibility. The height of the working surface of the desk enables use by those seated on a wheeled mobility device. There are no obstacles to movement under the desk and it is also equipped with a slide out keyboard tray for a computer. 

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Second floor accessible balcony

  • The lever handle equipped door has a large window and side light that provide natural light into the room.
  • A threshold ramp allows those using wheeled mobility devices to more easily access the balcony.
  • The doorway to the balcony is step free and provides access to the exterior from the second floor.

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