CMHC FlexHousing™

What is FlexHousing™?

CMHC’s FlexHousing™ is an innovative approach to home design, renovation and construction that is able to adapt and convert affordably as a household’s lifestyle and needs change. As the needs of the household occupants change, ideally the floorplan, amenities and services of the home can be easily, and cost-effectively adapted.

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FlexHousing™ Introductory Video

{Visual}: Photo montage of family, senior citizen, and wheelchair bodied woman

Our lives change with each passing year, and our housing needs change along with us.

{Visual}: Office, Living room, Bathroom

FlexHousing™ is an approach to the design, construction and renovation of homes to make them more affordable, adaptable and accessible to everyone, as we move through different stages of life.

{Visual}: Kitchen, Loft

At first glance the houses don’t look any different, but simple and strategic modifications have huge impact.

{Visual}: Woman in wheelchair entering home

Barrier-free access welcomes everyone in.

{Visual}: Man walking in hallway

Wide doors and hallways allow free-flowing manoeuvrability.

{Visual}: Man using door handle and faucet.  Woman opening oven door

Easy-to-use door handles, faucets and appliances are more than just a convenience — they are a gift of independence.

{Visual}: Elevator

Homes designed with the future in mind, and with flexible features incorporated into construction or renovation, save time, stress and money later on.

{Visual}: Electrical outlet, construction photo, floor plan. Modular wall separating office/bedroom space into two separate rooms

Pre-wiring, pre-plumbing and careful advance structural planning of a house allows homeowners to easily and affordably sub-divide areas, expand space, or convert rooms.

{Visual}: Woman removing bathtub cut-out, photo montage of family, seniors, singles and the wheelchair bodied

FlexHousing helps to meets the changing needs of every kind of occupant — families, empty-nesters, singles working from home, the elderly, or those with physical challenges …

{Visual}: Bedroom, Living room

…and helps them stay in their home through all life’s phases and circumstances.