Hallways and Stairs

The hallways and stairs of a house are not often the focus of innovative space planning. However, as they govern how safely, efficiently and conveniently we move around our homes, they are an important FlexHousing™ consideration. Well designed, hallways and stairs allow for intuitive ease of movement between the rooms and floors of a house. With the inclusion of certain design features, we can limit the extent to which they can become obstacles as our mobility and cognitive abilities change over time.

Corridors and stairs

  • Wider corridors make it easier for occupants and visitors to move around with a mobility device.
  • Wider corridors also facilitate the movement of furniture as rooms are re-purposed over time.
  • The straight run stairs (no curves, changes of direction, intermediate landings, etc.) facilitates installation of a stair lift or platform lift.
  • The stairwell walls were reinforced before the installation of the gypsum board to provide support for a future lift system.

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  • Railings should extend beyond the stairs at the top and bottom to allow users to grab onto the rail before starting to climb or descend the stairs.
  • The diameter of the handrail and spacing away from the wall must allow users to grab the rail easily and firmly.
  • Large handrails that can not be grabbed firmly should be avoided.

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