FlexHousing™ begins at the driveway and provides a welcoming, secure, and easily navigated approach to the house. FlexHousing features can be seamlessly integrated into the landscaping, driveway, walkway and entrance to the home. Residents and visitors alike will appreciate the protected, firm, secure and hazard free approach to the house.

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FlexHousing™ a Welcoming Home

{Visual}: Exterior of home

FlexHousing welcomes everyone in.

{Visual}: Woman in wheelchair entering home

Gently sloped, step-free walkways lead to spacious covered entrances.

{Visual}: Elderly woman entering home/overhead balcony

Guests and homeowners stay dry when they arrive, and the overhead protection helps prevent snow and ice build-up.

{Visual}: Elderly woman using keyless entry pad

A keyless entry pad is easy for older children and those with limited mobility to use — and no fumbling to find keys.

{Visual}: Woman in wheelchair in hallway

Extra-wide doors lead to extra-wide corridors, so everyone can move freely.

{Visual}: Man doing laundry

The single-unit washer/dryer saves space and completes each laundry load from start to finish, making this routine chore easier.

{Visual}: Low electrical outlets

Electrical outlets on the walls and on the cabinetry are placed within easy reach of anyone.

{Visual}: Man checking electrical outlet

Locating the electrical panel on the main floor means no need for basement trips.

{Visual}: Man sitting in living room

Windows are large and low enough to provide a beautiful view.

{Visual}: Window levers

Controls and locks are easy to reach and easy to use.

{Visual}: Office/Shower

Simple, affordable and carefully thought-out design features make life comfortable for all —

{Visual}: Elderly woman reading in kitchen

— now and in the future.

Single dwelling or duplex

  • This row-house1 end unit design is built to easily divide into two separate dwellings as a semi-detached duplex2.
  • This entire building, consisting of three row-house units, could become 6 units.

1 row housing (maison en rangée, f., maison en bande, f.) A row of similar, attached units, often narrow and with small yards.
2 duplex (duplex, m.) One of two dwelling units located one above the other in a building.

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Finished living space in the attic.

  • The roof trusses design allows the attic space to be converted into additional living space as needs change.

Level sheltered entranceway

  • The gentle grading provides a low slope approach to the no-step entrance.
  • The second storey balcony provides protection from the weather over the main floor entrance. This is especially important given that the no-step entrance does not have a threshold to keep out snow and rain.
  • A touchpad keyless entry system is easy to use without having to find, insert and twist a key in the lock.
  • Lever style door handles are easy to operate by all.
  • The no-step entrance provides easy access for persons using a mobility device as well as those with a baby stroller or a grocery cart.
  • A transition plate provides a gentle approach from the floor to a raised threshold.  This permits wheeled mobility device users to more easily enter and exit.
  • A transition plate can be used when a raised threshold is necessary to accommodate different flooring options and to provide clearance over floor mats at the entrance.

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Entrance / Foyer

  • The foyer is designed to allow the house to be more easily converted into two units with the addition of a door at the bottom or top of the stairs leading to the upper level.
  • A doorway from the foyer provides direct and dedicated access to a room that can be a home office, den or main floor bedroom. The access directly from the vestibule makes it ideal for a home office.

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