In most new housing, attic spaces are not part of the interior space of the house and are not easily converted into usable floor area and represent a lost opportunity. With advanced planning, alternative approaches are available to support the roof while providing sufficient clear space below for one or more rooms. Attic spaces can be finished as a part of the construction of a home or as your budget allows and the need arises.

FlexHousing Features - useable attic space

  • Third floor space provides immediate or future expansion space for a bedroom or recreation room for a growing family.
  • Conventional roof trusses (above) do not allow the conversion of existing attic space into useable living space. By utilizing a roof rafter system, an attic space can be provided for immediate or future use.

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Pre-plumbed bathroom in loft

  • Framing for walls together with plumbing rough-in for a sink and toilet in the loft facilitate the future conversion of the storage closet to a bathroom.
  • Pre-plumbed and wired future bathroom.

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