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Canadian Housing Observer
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Policy and Research
CMHC’s market analysis, policy, research and knowledge transfer activities support informed decision making within the housing sector through the creation, interpretation and sharing of housing-related data and information.
History — CMHC Milestones
Discover all the milestones in CMHC's 65-year history.
About CMHC
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is Canada’s national housing agency. Find out more about CMHC's history, its mandate, its accomplishments and its objectives.
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... of the largest condominium markets in Canada ... housing needs of Canadians
through: ... Survey ▪ Launched the Canadian Housing Observer on-line ...
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2014 – 2018 Summary of the Corporate Plan
The Plan is a centerpiece in its accountability regime and sets out CMHC’s intentions over the next five years and was approved by the Government of Canada.
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