Join us in November as experts, practitioners, and stakeholders gather to innovate and collaborate on solutions to Canada’s housing needs.


Share ideas. Discuss trends. Connect on key issues. 

CMHC will be hosting a housing conference that will take place November 21 and 22, 2018 in Ottawa, Ontario.

The conference will bring together national and international experts, practitioners, government officials and stakeholders from different fields representing diverse needs. 

It will be an opportunity to innovate and collaborate on solutions for housing in Canada. It will create a forum to share and debate issues that touch the entire housing spectrum and systemic issues including:

  • reducing homelessness
  • increasing rental supply and access to affordable homeownership
  • affordability in housing finance policy
  • the overall stability of our housing system 

This conference will unite with CMHC’s successful Housing Finance Symposium at this 2-day event. 

More information about the conference will be available soon. 



We are currently accepting proposals to present research papers at the November housing conference. Successful speakers will be invited to present and/or contribute to various panel discussions and workshops.

We welcome all relevant theoretical, methodological and empirical contributions in 2 streams and contributions that cut across both streams. 

Stream 1: Housing Finance

  • Big data analytics and housing finance
  • Financing ownership and rental housing
  • Housing finance policy reforms
  • Fintech in housing finance
  • Property value and mortgage insurance
  • Securitization and the state of funding markets

Stream 2: Housing Needs

  • Housing for those in greatest need
  • Indigenous housing
  • Northern housing
  • Sustainable housing and communities
  • Balanced supply of housing


Proposals must include: 

200-300 word summary

  • proposal title
  • type of proposal
  • contact information
  • affiliation of the presenter 
  • any possible co-participant(s)

Please submit your proposal to

The deadline for submissions is August 1, 2018. CMHC will contact successful applicants via email by September 28, 2018. There is no fee associated with submitting proposals.


National and international presenters can receive up to the equivalent of $1000 USD to help cover travel expenses.



General inquiries about the strategy or technical support 

Inquiries about the conference can be sent to

Date Published: May 2, 2018