Thank you very much to everyone that participated in the 2018 National Housing Conference!

Our two-day event brought together diverse industry experts, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners to collaborate and innovate on solutions to address Canada’s housing needs, as well as to share experience and lessons from Canada and around the world.

To get more details on the key themes from the Conference, click here to read the 2018 National Housing Conference Report.

Wish you could re-live the experience or catch up on information and insight you may have missed? Not to worry, you can access conference material online here!


Session number/Session Title Speakers Presentations Video link

Keynote Address

Creating socially inclusive communities through people-centred planning, design and architecture

Douglas Cardinal PDF ICON

Plenary Panel 1

A place to call home or a place to accumulate wealth? Inequality and exclusion in housing markets

Evan Siddall PDF ICON
Manuel Aalbers PDF ICON
Leilani Farha N/A
Michael Oxley PDF ICON
Susanne Soderberg PDF ICON
Paul Kershaw PDF ICON

Breakout 1A

Designing global cities: Planning solutions to population growth, affordability and inequalities

Manuel Aalbers N/A
Patricia McCarney PDF ICON
Michael Geller PDF ICON
César Ramírez Martinell PDF ICON
Ana Bailão PDF ICON

Breakout 1B

It takes two: How government and capital markets can boost affordability and choice

Tim Nash N/A
Julie Lawson   PDF ICON
Déborah Leboullenger PDF ICON
José de Jesus Gómez Dorantes PDF ICON
Louise Stevens PDF ICON

Breakout 1C

All housing is social housing: Investing in inclusive communities

Emily Paradis N/A
Cheyanne Ratnam PDF ICON
Debbie McGraw
Edith Cyr PDF ICON
Avvy Go N/A

Breakout 1D

Voices for housing: realizing a human rights-based approach

Jeff Morrison N/A
Martin Gallié N/A
Kristi Fairholm Mader PDF ICON
Charlene Gagnon N/A

Breakout 2A

Fraud for profit, money laundering and corruption in real estate

Isabel Vives PDF ICON
Peter German PDF ICON
Steve Mennill N/A
Annette Ryan PDF ICON

Breakout 2B

Is it time for a disruptive homeownership model in Canada?

Kevin Lee PDF ICON
John Haines PDF ICON
Rosemarie MacGuinness N/A
Sibel Buyukbaykal N/A
Blair Hamilton N/A
Heather Tremain PDF ICON

Breakout 2C

Gender and diversity at the heart of housing

Michel Tremblay PDF ICON
Doris Rajan
Lindsey Lickers
Jacqueline Gahagan
Marie-Ève Desroches
Lise Martin

Breakout 2D

Northern housing

Pamela Hine N/A N/A
David Fortin N/A
Dave Harlander PDF ICON
Myriam Blais PDF ICON
Geneviève Vachon N/A


Session number/Session Title Speakers Presentations Video link

Keynote Address

Turning the tide on social inequality: The need for inclusive housing and sustainable communities

Danny Dorling PDF ICON

Plenary Panel 2

Balancing act: How governments can manage systemic risks and maintain healthy housing markets

Romy Bowers PDF ICON
Carolyn Wilkins PDF ICON
Carl Schwartz PDF ICON
Erik Thedéen PDF ICON
Robert Kelly PDF ICON

Breakout 3A

Exploring solutions to supply in housing markets

Aled Ab Iowerth N/A
Tom Davidoff N/A
Dan Garrison PDF ICON
Enid Slack N/A
Cheryl Selinger PDF ICON

Breakout 3B

The co-operative community housing model: Still strong after 50 years

Blair Hamilton N/A
Louis-Philippe Myre PDF ICON
Christyne Lavoie PDF ICON
Thom Armstrong N/A

Breakout 3C

Forging new partnerships: Collaboration and creativity in Indigenous housing

Anne Giardini N/A
Shirley Thompson


Ronald Harper
Alex Wilson
Nancy Martin PDF ICON
Robert Byers N/A

Breakout 3D

Building an affordable future for rental housing

Zahra Ebrahim N/A
Marika Albert PDF ICON
Catherine Leviten-Reid PDF ICON
Nathanael Lauster PDF ICON
Jacob Cosman PDF ICON

Breakout 4A

The life and death of smart growth: Will a lack of demand kill high density plans?

Sean Gadon N/A
Cheryll Case N/A
Ren Thomas N/A
Stu Niebergall PDF ICON
Oualid Moussouni PDF ICON

Breakout 4B

Environmentally-sustainable housing for vulnerable Canadians

Lisa Ker N/A
Raymond Sullivan PDF ICON
Daniel Pearl PDF ICON
Camero MacDonald PDF ICON

Breakout 4C

Reaching Home: A new federal response to homelessness in Canada

Abra Adamo N/A
Janet Gwilliam N/A
Susan McGee N/A
Jim Fowler N/A
Dean Waterfield N/A
Yolisa de Jager N/A

Breakout 4D

Future of Community Housing

Janice Abbott N/A
Steve Pomeroy PDF ICON
Karen Hemmingson PDF ICON
Graeme Stewart PDF ICON
Jerry Situ PDF ICON

Plenary Panel 3

Deriving social outcomes from private capital

Derek Ballantyne N/A
Nancy Neamtan PDF ICON
Shayne Ramsay PDF ICON
Michael Oxley PDF ICON


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Date Published:: May 2, 2018