What causes mould?

  • Mould will grow if it is provided with moisture and nutrients.
  • Different kinds of mould grow on different materials, as some kinds of mould like it soaking wet, while others may grow even if no water can be seen.
  • Dampness inside a material can be enough for mould to grow.

How to identify mould

  • A musty or earthy smell often means mould growth.
  • Beware of wet spots, dampness and signs of a water leak, as moisture problems may lead to mould.

How to remove mould and prepare for a cleanup

  • You can clean up small areas yourself following the proper steps and using safety precautions.
  • Medium and large areas should be cleaned up by people who are professionally trained.
  • The best way to clean mould yourself is to use warm water and unscented dishwashing detergent.

How to prevent mould using The Mould Prevention Checklist

  • The checklist at the end of the booklet provides guidance for preventing moisture in the basement, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen through proactive measures that keep small problems from getting bigger.

Date Published:: March 31, 2018