Are you responsible for property management in your First Nation community? If so, a maintenance plan is a good way to ensure you’re putting your resources to their best use. This guide will show you how to build a maintenance plan that will help you carry out your property maintenance.

How can a maintenance plan help me?

By setting reasonable expectations and realistic goals, you can budget for all your annual maintenance activities. A big-picture view of your maintenance needs will let you easily group similar projects and balance your workload. It also helps identify peak work periods that can be hard to balance. It’s good to know about these beforehand, so you can arrange for the extra funding or labour you’ll need.

Be sure to involve everyone on your team throughout the planning process. For example, you’ll want to engage housing committee members, staff, technical services, your finance officer and chief and council.

Like any plan, your maintenance plan will be subject to change. It’ll need to reflect ongoing changes in revenue and estimated costs for different activities, as well as unexpected maintenance issues.

For more information, please contact your local CMHC office or CMHC consultant.

Date Published:: January 1, 0001