If you’re responsible for managing housing in your community, it’s important to have a written housing policy. Clearly written policies and procedures will help you manage your community’s housing in a fair and consistent way. They give your chief, council and housing staff guidance and direction — and help home occupants understand their role in housing.

In this guide, you’ll find practical advice for creating a First Nation housing policy that works for your community. The information found here can be used by senior leadership and decision makers, including chief and council. It will also be useful for housing managers and staff, and members of the community.

With this guide, you’ll get advice on how to:

  • determine whether you need a written housing policy
  • conduct research and build consensus for your policy within your community
  • write and revise your First Nation housing policy
  • get approval for the policy from senior decision-makers
  • implement and monitor the effectiveness of your community’s housing policy
  • revise or even cancel the housing policy after it has been approved

Your housing policy should be treated as a living document, changing as circumstances warrant. We hope you’ll find this guide useful no matter where you are in your community’s housing journey.

For more information, please contact your First Nation Housing Specialist.

Date Published:: March 31, 2018