Water Efficiency

Canada currently consumes 339 litre per person per day — almost double that of its European counterparts. CMHC supports the development of water efficient technologies and practices through a range of activities and products.

Landscape guideLandscape guide
  • Household Guide to Water EfficiencyPDF
    The Household Guide to Water Efficiency provides residential consumers with water saving information for indoors and out.
  • Low-Maintenance LawnsPDF
    A low-maintenance lawn has fewer environmental impacts, and requires less time and money to maintain.
  • Water-Saving Tips for Your Lawn and GardenPDF
    This fact sheet provides watering tips for your lawn and garden to help avoid wastage during the summer months. It also offers advice on how to design a water-efficient garden.
  • Monitoring Performance of Retrofitting from Tank to Tankless Water HeatersPDF
    A project to better understand the impacts that retrofitting a conventional storage tank hot water heater to a gas-fired tankless heater had on water and energy consumption. Monitoring in 23 houses found an average 46 percent reduction in natural gas used for water heating after such a retrofit, and while the impacts on water consumption were more varied between households, there was an average increase in water consumption of 2 percent.

Research on Toilet Performance

Toilet performanceToilet performance

Not all toilets flush the same. CMHC has supported a number of studies in the area of toilet performance.

Energy and Water Efficiency for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Find up-to-date and innovative ideas on how to reduce energy and water costs in multi-unit residential buildings.

  • Water and Energy Saving Tips for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings
  • Energy and Water Tune Ups for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings
    This manual is a tool to help occupants and property managers to reduce energy and water bills and improve comfort in multi-unit high-rise residential buildings through low-cost and no-cost tune-up measures. It is intended for both rental apartment and condominium buildings (multi-unit residential buildings, or MURBs).
  • Better Buildings Case Study — Community Housing Water Efficiency Project Region of Waterloo
    This case study is part of a larger series which is primarily addressed to building owners and managers. The four-page case studies feature improvements to multi-unit housing buildings. Concentrating on factual information and profusely illustrated, "Better Buildings" is a quick read meant to give decision makers concrete examples of the type of work their buildings may require.



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