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Water and Housing

Housing is inextricably linked to water. The development of new housing and communities is predicated on the availability of clean water and, in turn, urban development has a significant impact on the condition of our watersheds and the quality of water that moves through them as a result of wastewater and stormwater flows related to residential development.

In this section, you will find highlights of Canadian and International innovative water and wastewater management activities that reduce our impact on the environment.

In This Section:

  • Water Reuse
    CMHC has supported a number of projects and initiatives to promote the residential water reuse industry within Canada.
  • Water Efficiency
    CMHC supports the development of water efficient technologies and practices through a range of activities and products.
  • Onsite Wastewater Management
    For the past 15 years CMHC has supported research related to onsite wastewater management.


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