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Renovator's Green Guide

In 2011, $63 billion was spent in the renovation sector in Canada, exceeding new home construction expenditures by approximately $20 billion. As housing stock ages, more renovation work is be required to renew and preserve the millions of homes already built. Renovations are popular as they provide a way to update the interior and exterior of a home, add space and address problem areas.


The information contained in this publication represents current research results available to CMHC. Readers are advised to evaluate the information, materials and techniques cautiously for themselves and to consult appropriate professional resources to determine whether information, materials and techniques are suitable in their case. The text is intended as general information only and project and site-specific factors of climate, aesthetics, practicality, utility and compliance with applicable building codes and standards must be taken into consideration. Any reliance or action taken based on the information, materials and techniques described herein are the responsibility of the user. CMHC accepts no responsibility for consequences arising from the reader’s use of the information, materials and techniques described herein.



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