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EQuilibrium™ Communities Initiative Resources

Below are links to key information sources and documents related to sustainable communities and the EQuilibrium™ Communities Initiative.

The Fused Grid
The Fused Grid takes it name from the “fusion” of two traditional designs — the conventional loop and cul-de-sac pattern of the modern suburb and the traditional grid pattern circa 1900.

Case studies of intensification, brownfield, greyfield and transit-oriented development (TOD)
This series of over 60 case studies highlights the successes and lessons learned, including the views of developers, occupants and municipal planners involved in the development projects.

Urban Travel and Neighbourhood Form
This spreadsheet tool estimates urban travel and resulting GHGs for any real or hypothetical neighbourhood. Users input data about the neighbourhoods design, location and demographics.
View the related research highlight.

Comparing Canadian New Urbanist and Conventional Suburban Neighbourhoods
This study explores travel and social behaviour differences between selected new urbanist and conventional suburban neighbourhoods in Canada.

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