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The Now House®

The Now House® is a 60-year-old wartime house in an established neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario.


The goal of the Now House® project is as simple as it is profound: to demonstrate how home owners and contractors can dramatically improve the energy efficiency of existing homes with a few relatively simple modifications.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation was founded in 1946 in large part to help create affordable housing for returning second world war veterans. Now House® evolves this uniquely Canadian brand of “hearth and home” by updating a CMHC designed postwar house in accordance with today’s EQuilibrium™ principles of healthy indoor environments, energy- and resource- efficiency, and low environmental impact.

Improvements made to this modest 60-year-old home include upgrades to the insulation, new windows, the installation of solar hot water panels, a photovoltaic array, Energy Star® -certified appliances, and a waste water heat recovery system.

The result will be a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a healthier, more energy-efficient home. In addition, because wartime houses were often built in clusters, the Now House® model could easily be scaled up from a single demonstration house to hundreds of thousands of similar homes across the country.

By setting out a blueprint for the environmental retrofits of Canada’s wartime homes, Now House® is the start of a truly ambitious project.

Key Design Features:

  • Upgraded insulation, windows and Energy Star® appliances
  • Solar hot water system
  • Wastewater heat recovery
  • Renewable solar PV power
  • Focus on reuse and conservation of existing resources

The Now House®: Energy Profile and Technical Summary




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