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Harmony House

Harmony House is a new, two storey home, located in Burnaby B.C., with an attached garage and a basement secondary suite.


Harmony House was designed by Habitat Design + Consulting Ltd. and built by Insightful Healthy Homes Inc. The goal is to provide an exceptional quality of life that includes a healthy indoor environment and energy efficiency, renewable energy systems, low environmental impact, significant resource conservation and affordability considerations.

Harmony House has a well insulated and air tight building envelope, which includes features such as vacuum insulated panels (VIPs) and a low leakage rate in the range of 0.75 air changes per hour at 50 Pascals pressure. These features, triple glazed windows, and well insulated doors help ensure an energy-efficient building envelope.

Harmony House was designed to take advantage of the site’s solar potential. The home was oriented to maximize solar exposure, with windows sized and placed to contribute to passive solar heating in winter, and roof overhangs designed to provide shade in the warmer months. The home also includes a wind tower with an aerocap, a design feature that helps passive summer cooling.

Located in a well established area of Burnaby, Harmony House has features in the home, as well as community attributes, which are sought by more and more prospective homeowners.

Key Design Features

  • Passive solar heating, solar domestic hot water system, and grid-connected photovoltaic panels
  • Highly insulated airtight building envelope featuring vacuum insulated panels
  • Summer cooling assisted by air movement driven by stack effect and a wind tower
  • Located in an established urban community, on an existing bus route with many amenities within walking or cycling distance



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