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Echo-Haven is a new, one storey with basement, single family home located in a new 25 building lot development in the City of Calgary.


Located in Calgary, Alberta, Echo-Haven is an important step forward in building an entire community of healthy, low-impact and affordable housing.

To minimize the impact on the natural environment, each home will be built on a modest lot with a reduced ecological footprint. More than 60 per cent of the site’s natural features and existing ecosystem will be preserved by clustering houses in the least sensitive areas and minimizing site grading and other disturbances.

The design of the homes features healthy and durable materials in both construction and finishings. Rainwater harvesting, a greywater treatment system and low-flush toilets will help to conserve water while keeping operating costs low.

To minimize energy requirements, all residents of the community will share a variety of on-site renewable energy systems, including a grid-tied photovoltaic array, and solar hot water heating. In addition, the lots and houses will be laid out to maximize both solar exposure and the integration of the community into the natural surroundings.

Taken individually or as a community, Echo-Haven is a promising example of a development that is good for home owners, good for business — and good for the environment.

Key Design Features:

  • Common shared amenities, equipment and renewable energy sources, including solar photovoltaic array and solar hot water heating
  • 100 per cent storm water retention on-site
  • Greywater and balanced water strategies
  • Zero greenhouse gas emissions target for the entire community




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