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Avalon Discovery 3

Avalon Discovery 3 is a grid-tied, solar-powered single family home designed to produce as much energy each year as it consumes on an annual basis.


The home will be located in the town of Red Deer, Alberta, approximately midway between the cities of Edmonton and Calgary. The design for the house builds significantly on Avalon Master Builder’s work in developing and selling homes that are affordable, comfortable and highly energy- and resource-efficient.

The Avalon Discovery 3 design, by the builder Avalon Master Builder, includes strategies that reduce the impact of home construction on the environment and make the home more livable for occupants. These strategies include improved indoor air quality, renewable energy systems, locally sourced materials and energy-efficient construction techniques. Additional features include a rainwater harvesting system for irrigation.

The Avalon Discovery 3 home will be tied to the utility grid, allowing power to be bought or “sold” back into the grid system as needed. However, the home is designed to rely on its own extensive solar and other renewable power systems to produce as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis.

In addition to other energy- and resource-efficient technologies, the Avalon home features an advanced greywater recycling system to reduce its reliance on the municipal water system. Innovative wall and window systems further reduce overall power consumption, while helping to keep the home cool in the summer and warm during the winter.

Key Design Features:

  • Grid-tied solar home
  • Highly insulated building envelope
  • Integrated renewable solar and space heating
  • Greywater recycling system for laundry, bathroom and irrigation
  • No- or low-pollutant emitting finishings
  • Innovative wall and window systems.

Avalon Discovery 3: Energy Profile and Technical Summary




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