Upgrade Weatherstripping on Windows


Upgrade weatherstripping on windows for more effective sealing at operable joints.

ApplicationWeatherstripping windows

High-rise residential buildings.


  • Improved window performance.
  • Reduced energy costs.
  • Improved occupant comfort, convenience and security.
  • Reduced window condensation and damage to frames and finishes.
  • Reduced noise levels from exterior.
  • Elimination of sashes rattling during high winds.


  • Window work can be more easily rationalized if comfort, security and watertightness aspects are emphasized.
  • Ensure all window safety devices that limit the operating of the window by children are in place and reinstalled with the window sliders.
  • Windows can often be brought up to current standards by upgrading the weatherstripping. This may be an attractive alternative to replacing the entire window system.


  • The services of a qualified contractor and project consultant are recommended for this measure.
  • Confirm that the corridor air ventilation and building exhaust systems are balanced and meeting air flow capacity specifications prior to implementation of this measure.
  • Examine weatherstripping around windows or by noting areas where cold air infiltrates to detect unsealed cracks.
  • Each sash will be removed to replace the pile gasket.
  • Slides and collars should be inspected and replaced as required.
  • Weatherstripping with an internal plastic fin for improved performance and durability should be selected.
  • Perform other repairs to windows when replacing weatherstripping to ensure ease of operation, security and water seal.
  • Worn or shrinking gaskets should also be replaced.
  • Gaps between windows and surrounding drywall or sill should be sealed with caulking or 2-part urethane foam.


Cost of material only - $5 to $10 per window

Cost of material and labour - $25 to $30 per window

Typical average cost for re-weatherstripping a suite with 4 double slider windows - $125

Typical heating cost savings for sealing cracks - $1.60 per metre ($.49 per linear foot)

Simple payback – 3 to 5 years




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