Replace Incandescent Lighting in Kitchens and Bathrooms with Fluorescent Lighting

The Measure

Replace incandescent lighting in kitchens and bathrooms with fluorescent lighting.


Kitchen and bathrooms in rental units.


  • More efficient lighting – fluorescent fixtures produce four to five times as much light for the same power input.
  • Longer life span – fluorescent fixtures last up to 20 times longer than incandescent lighting.
  • Significant energy savings.
  • Improved lighting quality.
  • Reduced maintenance costs associated with bulb replacement.


  • This measure can be performed during suite renovations.
  • Payback is more favourable in family or full-time seniors' housing where lights are used for longer periods.
  • Payback will be to the tenants in buildings where electricity is metered and billed for each apartment.
  • Bulbs should be cleaned annually, especially in kitchen applications.


  • Installations must meet all electrical code requirements for mounting and supporting fixtures and for electrical wiring and grounding.
  • Specify 3500 Kelvin fluorescent lamps in either T12 (1 1/2-inch) or T8 (1-inch) diameters.
  • Ensure matching ballast is supplied.
  • Compact fluorescent screw-in type lamps can be used to replace most incandescent bulbs in existing fixtures.
  • Fluorescent fixtures using T12 or T8 lamps in 12-, 24-, 36-, or 48-inch lengths can be used to replace ceiling and under-cabinet fixtures.
  • Some incandescent fixtures may be rated for 60W maximum and be over-lamped with 100 or 150W lamps. This could lead to maintenance problems and present safety hazards.


Results in savings can be influenced by:

  • Cost of electricity.
  • Type of electric utility rate structure.
  • Initial and final number of operating hours.
  • Initial and final connected lighting.

Replace 100W incandescent ceiling mounted fixture in kitchen with one 34W T12 lamp + one vanity fixture with two 40W lamps in bathroom with one 20W fluorescent lamp.

Estimated installation cost - $83

Calculation of savings:

Watts (incandescent) – Watts (fluorescent) X hrs. of use/day X 365 days/yr. X $0.08/kWh/1000W/kW

[(100W – 46W) + (80W – 24W)] X 8 X 365 X $0.08/1000

Savings = $25.70

Simple payback – 3.2 years




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