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Develop New Affordable Housing

Whether you are thinking about new construction or redeveloping an existing property, these tools can help move your affordable housing idea from vision to reality.

  • Ideas Tool Kit
    Ideas, strategies and real-life case-studies to  help  housing organizations develop a plan of action to address local housing needs.
  • Testimonials
    Learn about successful affordable housing projects and the difference they have made in the lives of Canadians.
  • Web Forums
    Register for on-line learning events with housing experts available to you at no cost.

Interactive Tools

  • Development Checklist for Affordable Housing
    Focusing on housing groups with limited experience, the Housing Development Checklist identifies key milestones in the development process, supported by additional detail in a series of Fact Sheets.
  • Housing in Canada Online (HiCO)
    This interactive tool can provide you with custom tables to help you analyze data on household, such as household count, average household income and average shelter costs. This information is available by tenure, age and household type for a large number of geographic areas, including all Regional Municipalities, Census Metropolitan Areas, and Census Agglomerations.
  • Interactive Local Data Tables
    These tables contain information regarding housing starts/completions, the rental market, households, housing stock and housing need.
  • Capital Replacement Planning (CRP)
    Helps housing providers plan their capital reserve funds to pay for major replacements and repairs as their buildings age.

Learning Resources

  • Guide for Canadian Municipalities for the Development of a Housing Action Plan
    CMHC has developed resources designed to assist small municipalities in developing housing plans to address their specific housing needs, as determined by the community.
  • Best Practices in Affordable Housing — Housing Awards Program 1988 – 2010
    The CMHC Housing Awards Program recognized and shared best practices that have helped to improve the quality, choice and affordability of housing in Canada. These initiatives included large and small projects and demonstrated various ways to create affordable housing that meets the needs of the communities they serve.
  • Research Highlights
    Browse a range of CMHC Research Highlights organized into topics of interest to affordable housing providers, groups and individuals interested in developing affordable housing, developers, municipalities and researchers.
  • External Links
    A selection of external websites for more affordable housing ideas, resources and inspiration.
  • Manufactured Housing
    Manufactured housing is making inroads as a viable option for creating quality, affordable housing in communities across Canada.



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