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Seed Funding Program


(Music plays)
(On a blue background, two white horizontal lines appear. A white stick figure mother and child pop out and are joined by a dog. They shift in place as buildings and trees pop up and the child gets a balloon.)

(The scene on the blue background shrinks into a blue circle on a white background. Two more white horizontal lines appear from the bottom.)
[Text on screen: Great idea for affordable housing]
“So you have a great idea for an affordable housing project.”

(The scene shrinks even more and becomes the iris of an illustrated eye. The eye closes and disappears revealing a white background.)
[Text on screen: Turn your vision into a reality]
“But you need a little help turning that vision into a reality.”

(Various yellow buildings pop out of the ground. They slide off the left side of the screen and yellow arrows fly across the screen.)
[Text on screen: CMHC Seed Funding]
“CMHC can help get your project off the ground, with Seed Funding.”

(A yellow circle with a question mark appears on the right side of the screen and a yellow line runs screen behind it. A mouse cursor clicks on the yellow circle to flip it around and reveal a blue circle with a checkmark.)
[Text on screen: What is Seed Funding? Seed Funding can assist you in two ways]
“This program can assist you in two ways:

(The text shifts on screen. Small lines and circles appear.)
[Text on screen: New affordable housing]
To help with the creation of new affordable housing projects, and

(The blue checkmark circle centers itself in the middle of the screen as new text appears on the right.)
[Text on screen: Help existing projects]
To help existing projects remain viable and affordable.”

(Yellow arrows fly across the screen and wipe away the other elements. The blue circle splits in two. On the left is a new blue circle with the number 1 and on the right is a yellow circle with the number 2.)
[Text on screen: Seed Funding has two components]
“Seed Funding is made up of two components.”

(The mouse cursor flips the blue circle around to reveal text.)
[Text on screen: Up to $50K non-repayable contribution]
“The first is a non-repayable contribution of up to $50,000 toward the costs of proposing and developing your affordable housing project.”

(The mouse cursor flips the yellow circle around to reveal text.)
[Text on screen: Up to 200K interest-free loan]
“The second being an interest free loan of up to $200,000.”

(Everything slides off screen and a yellow question circle appears on the right side of the screen. A thin yellow line appears on the left of the circle and a thick blue line appears on the right. The mouse cursor flips the yellow circle around to reveal a blue circle with a building inside.)
[Text on screen: What is eligible? Seed Funding]
“CMHC provides Seed Funding to all kinds of applicants looking to build affordable housing:

(Yellow bricks with onscreen text appear from the bottom until they form a pyramid.)
[Text on screen: Entrepreneurs, Builders, Developers, Housing Organizations, Co-operatives, Faith-based organizations, Municipalities, Cities, First Nations]
From private entrepreneurs, builders and developers, to non-profit housing organizations and co-operatives, as well as faith-based organizations, munici palities, cities, and First Nations.”

(Yellow arrows fly across the screen and erase the other elements. The yellow question circle appears on the left with the yellow line on the right, and the blue bar on the left. The mouse cursor flips the circle around to reveal a Canadian flag icon.)
[Text on screen: What is eligible Seed Funding? Project must be located in Canada]
“In order for your project to be eligible for funding, it must be located in Canada and may include:

(The Canadian flag icon turns into a blue circle with text and moves to the center of the screen. Yellow rectangles with checkmarks and text appear in each of the four quarters of the screen.)
[Text on screen: 5+ Units, New Construction, Conversions, Renovations]
New construction, conversions and renovations.”

(A giant blue circle pops up and dominates the screen. A folder icon pops out of it on the right side. Onscreen text appears inside the giant blue circle.)
[Text on screen: Current housing projects at-risk: Preservation, Existing Units, Housing Projects, Viable, Affordable]
“As well as Housing projects that were previously under a federal operating agreement and whose viability is at risk.”

(Yellow arrows fly across the screen and erase the other elements. The yellow question circle appears again with the yellow line on the right and the blue line on the left.)
[Text on screen: What’s in it for you? Seed Funding, Helping the Community]
“By receiving Seed Funding, you can better contribute to your community and its growth.”

(The thick blue line flies to the right side of the screen and morphs into an apartment building. The background on the left becomes a light blue with heart shaped clouds and birds. As the camera zooms in, small buildings grow out of the left side of the tall blue apartment.)
“Seed Funding will also allow you to lower the overall construction cost of your project.”

(The entire scene flips over like a page turning. The yellow question circle appears again with the thin yellow line on the left and the thick blue line on the right. The mouse cursor flips the circle around to reveal a blue Seed Funding circle. The blue circle gets bigger.)
[Text on screen: Sounds like a good fit? Seed Funding.]
“To find out if Seed Funding is the right fit for your future housing projects,

(A hand types on a computer and the blue circle show the map of Canada with markers. The scene shifts and a CMHC document drops out of a yellow bar as hands type on the computer. The mouse cursor drags the document off the screen.)
[Text on screen: Contact a CMHC Consultant. Sign Up]
Contact a CMHC consultant or sign up on our Seed Funding site and we will contact you directly.”

(The blue circle transforms into the Opening Housing scene inside the middle of the eyeball. The eyeball gets bigger and disappears. The Seed Funding scene fades to white.)
[Text on screen: Seed Funding]
“Let’s turn your vision into a reality.”

(The CMHC logo appears. The Canada word mark appears. Social Media Icons appear. The screen fades to white)
(Music ends)

Contributions and interest-free loans

You can apply for Seed Funding to help cover some of the soft costs associated with your affordable housing project. These costs can include:

  • incorporation
  • preliminary financial feasibility
  • the development of a business plan
  • project drawings/specifications

Seed Funding is available in the form of a non-repayable contribution of up to $50,000. Additional funds may be made available in the form of a fully repayable, interest-free loan of up to $200,000.

Learn more about the program (PDF)

Or contact an Affordable Housing consultant for more details.

Get advice from our team


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Our Affordable Housing consultants can:

  • Assess your project’s viability
  • Determine which activities are eligible for Seed Funding
  • Provide information on our mortgage loan insurance flexibilities
  • Answer your questions



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