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Karine St-Pierre

(Music plays)
(Three professionals in a business meeting, reviewing architectural drawings. Picture shifts to images of the neighbourhood)
Construction St-Pierre Roseberry specializes in the construction of two- and three-storey condominiums primarily in the Limoilou and St-Sauveur boroughs in the city of Québec.

(Exterior images of Les Triplettes housing shift to woman speaking on-screen)
(Text on-screen:  Karine St-Pierre, Construction St-Pierre Roseberry, Quebec, Quebec)
The demand for affordable housing is quite high from young families, young couples and people who simply don’t want to own a car and prefer to bike to work. There are many services close by.

(Exterior images of Les Triplettes condos shift to interior images  of finished dining room, bathroom)
Les Triplettes de Jeanne Mance project has three phases with 16 condominiums on two floors. These condominiums have two-bedroom and three-bedroom units.

(Exterior image of back of condo building shifts to images of it’s green roof. Image shifts to building exterior)
The second phase of Les Triplettes de Jeanne-Mance has a green roof, which improves the energy efficiency of the building.

(Image of Karine St-Pierre speaking on-camera)
Maximizing lots is the main reason we can keep the costs of our projects down. Along with our architect, we evaluate the cost of a lot in terms of the number of units we can build, which enables us to maximize the lot’s potential. This also allows us to produce more affordable units.

(Exterior images of construction site, shifts to image of construction worker meeting with builder and architect)
Since our team is small, each of us wears several hats, which means we can sell condominium units for a lower price.

Christine Martel
(Woman speaking on camera)
(Text on-screen:  Christine Martel, CMHC)
Construction St-Pierre Roseberry has taken advantage of our Seed Funding program to develop affordable housing.
(Image of Karine St-Pierre working in an office)
They received a contribution and an interest-free loan to help cover the costs of professional fees.

Karine St-Pierre
(Images of home interior — bedroom, kitchen, balcony shifts to Karine St-Pierre speaking on-camera)
This lowers a project’s risk. This assistance allows us to prepare an initial drawing with the architect to determine whether the project is cost-effective and worthwhile. The partnership with CMHC is going great! Communication is excellent. We initially thought that filling out the forms would be difficult, but the paperwork for the contribution is quite easy to complete.

Valerie Vaillancourt
(Image of young woman walking around her finished kitchen, shifts to same woman speaking on camera)
(Text on-screen:  Valerie Vaillancourt, Resident)
The price was relatively affordable, even though I bought on my own. Since the price was slightly below market, I was able to buy here. Otherwise, I’d have never been able to buy a home on my own.

Nicolas Catellier
(Image of young man speaking on-camera in kitchen)
(Text on-screen:  Nicolas Catellier)
(Image shifts to his young family in finished living room)
The fact that the price was below market was very important for me. To find something similar, we’d have had to live further away.

Karine St-Pierre
(Images of condo building exterior and interior, shifts to Karine St-Pierre speaking on-camera)
(Image shifts to Nicolas Catellier with wife and infant)
Now that we’ve gone through the Seed Funding application process with CMHC, we’ve gone ahead with more applications to develop other projects. The contribution really came in handy.

(Music ends)
(End of video)

An Innovative Project Transforms Inner-city Lots

Construction St-Pierre Roseberry uses innovative approaches to offer affordable housing. Their project Les Triplettes de Jeanne Mance lets homeowners customize the layout of their unit to best meet their needs.

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