February 4, 2016

Housing Market Information Portal Update

CMHC has launched a major expansion of the Housing Market Information Portal.

The update adds 2011 core housing need estimates and 2011 National Household Survey data to the Portal. The new Portal includes a much wider range of population, household, housing stock, and core housing need variables than the previous edition, not just for 2011 but for 2006 as well.

Through the Portal, users can access and download a wealth of national, provincial, municipal, and local housing information, including estimates for individual neighbourhoods. The expanded Portal features more recent and more comprehensive detail about the housing stock and those who live in it, including the following:

  • The size and age make-up of the population, including the presence of seniors.
  • Changes over time in the numbers, types, and sizes of households;
  • Turnover of the ownership and rental housing stock (household mobility);
  • Homeownership rates of different groups, including recent and other immigrants;
  • The number of homeowners with and without mortgages;
  • Household incomes, monthly shelter costs, and the value of owner-occupied homes;
  • The prevalence of owner-occupied and rented condominiums;
  • Structure types and the age and physical condition of the housing stock;
  • The nature and prevalence of housing needs in different locations.

Customize your research with this expanded data.



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