November 5, 2015

Housing Data — Find What You Need

You may have noticed that the Observer format has changed and that the online data can now be found under Housing Market Information. Whether you are an occasional or heavy user, data is useful to validate your housing strategies and decisions with numeric evidence.

Consider Some Possible Uses of Housing Data

  • Do you require demographic information to complete your municipal or housing development strategy? You may need average incomes, average sales or rents, or number of households in core housing need?
  • Are you completing a needs and demand analysis for a funding proposal? Need information at your fingertips? You may wish to include average incomes, average rents, gender-based data, and the number of households in core housing need.
  • When you meet with your board or association you can have data to back up your ideas.
  • It can help you to understand your community composition. How many are seniors? How much do they spend on housing? How much do they earn; and, how many are in core housing need?
  • You can tailor your outreach to vulnerable groups specific to your area. Perhaps lone-parent women in your location are more likely to be in core housing need.
  • Data can assist you with forecasting and preparing for possible change. Will the population find a large number of seniors in the upcoming years requiring a certain type of housing or related services in your area?

Data gives those reviewing funding proposals a clearer picture as to why you are requesting financial assistance. Examples of possible proposal topics could be as follows:

  • the creation of a new affordable housing project,
  • an upgrade to existing housing that may be in need of renovations or accessibility modifications,
  • a conversion to housing from a non-residential use,
  • the housing needs of victims of family violence, or
  • rent subsidies for individuals and families in need.

To Access Housing Data, Visit:

If your town is not listed in the local data tables, you can make a request.

Learn More about How to Use Our Data Tools with these Quick Start Videos:

Housing in Canada Online (HiCO) (Video)

The Housing Market Information Portal (Video)



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