October 16, 2015

Save on Property Management Costs — Recruit Your Tenants as Volunteers!

Beaver Barracks
Managed by Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation (CCOC), Beaver Barracks is one of many CCOC properties that offer volunteer opportunities to residents.

Volunteer efforts can result in substantial cost savings for the management and operations of properties, by eliminating the need to hire outside labour. Additionally, participation by residents creates pride of ownership, a better quality of life, and also enhances self-esteem.

Volunteers can help in many ways:

  • make the elevator available for moves
  • monitor visitor parking
  • be involved in committees or on a board of directors
  • maintenance tasks
  • security walks
  • landscaping

Learn how you can use volunteer resources

In Ottawa, Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation (CCOC) uses volunteer custodians to help show units to potential tenants — a cost-effective alternative to using a management company for showings.

A non-profit housing provider, CCOC manages almost 1,600 units in over 50 buildings. The 25 tenant custodians, located in CCOC’s larger buildings, are remunerated for up to 2 or 3 hours of work per week. 

Each month in a group session, CCOC signs leases with 10 to 15 new tenants and presents new residents with available volunteer opportunities and the importance of getting involved.

CCOC’s management structure and operations involve tenants, members and staff working together to ensure housing communities that are affordable, energy efficient and environmentally responsible. CCOC has established mechanisms to recruit, motivate, train and recognize volunteers in line with its philosophy that all people should have control over their housing.



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