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August 25, 2015

The Benefits of an Alternative Water Ready Home

Depending on where you live, water availability, costs, regulations, and technology improvements, installing the components to make a house alternative water ready may be the right decision for your clients. An alternative water ready house has had all the necessary plumbing, wiring and construction features built into it during construction to facilitate, at significantly reduced costs, the installation of a water reuse treatment system at some point in the future. With increasing demands on our limited water resources, globally and locally, on-site reuse of greywater and rainwater may offer an economically and environmentally sensible choice. It is important to keep in mind that it is easier, less disruptive and more affordable to install alternative water ready components in the design and construction of a new house, or when doing a major renovation, than adding an entire alternative water system at a later date.

Considerations before building or renovating an alternative water ready house include:

  • Is the home a new construction project or is it undergoing major renovations where the walls, ceilings and floors will be open and accessible to install dual plumbing?
  • Do the province, territory and municipality allow residential water reuse?
  • If the plan is to collect rainwater, does the area receive a sufficient amount of rain or melted snow?
  • Is it known where and how much water is used in the home to help understand where and how much alternative water might be needed?
  • Will there be or is there a well-designed utility room with sufficient space to accommodate a water treatment system?

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