Data Tables

These tables bring together information from a variety of sources. They provide an overview of housing conditions and trends in Canada and in each province and Census Metropolitan Area. Some tables assemble data for different markets, while others feature one particular market. Contents include information on housing construction, and sales; rental market trends; mortgage lending; the housing stock; household characteristics; and housing need. Tables also contain data on factors that influence housing markets, such as employment trends, demographic changes, and income growth.

All tables are Excel spreadsheets. Many contain annual time-series going back to 1990. Others show information at less frequent intervals, depending on the data source. Tables are updated periodically during the year as new data become available. Each file identifies the date of the most recent revision.

Tables are grouped by subject matter.

  1. Housing Market Indicators
  2. Housing Construction
  3. Homeownership Market
  4. Rental Market
  5. Housing Finance
  6. Housing Stock
  7. Household Characteristics
  8. Household Incomes and Wealth
  9. Housing Conditions and Core Housing Need
  10. Aboriginal Housing Conditions
  11. Housing Conditions of Persons with Disabilities
  12. Housing Conditions of Visible Minority Households in Canada
  13. Seniors and Senior-Led Households Data
  14. Long-term Household Projections — Updates
  15. Homeowners’ Debt



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