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Our Work With First Nations

Annually, through CMHC and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), the Government spends an estimated $280 million to support the housing needs of First Nations on reserve. Of this amount, $152 million is provided by CMHC.

First Nation communities, CMHC and INAC work together to create and preserve on-reserve housing:

  • First Nations are the owners, administrators and property managers of most housing on reserve. They are responsible for the governance of on-reserve housing.
  • CMHC provides housing assistance to support construction of new housing, purchase and/or renovation of existing housing, and development of housing capacity.
  • INAC provides funding support for a wide range of housing-related costs, which First Nation communities can use at their discretion.

By the Numbers

  • There are 617 First Nations in Canada.
  • Annually, CMHC spends $152 million to support the housing needs of First Nations.
  • CMHC's funding helps build 700 new homes and renovate 1,000 existing houses on reserve.
  • CMHC provides ongoing subsidies to more than 26,900 households on reserve.

Off-Reserve and Northern Housing

CMHC works with provincial and territorial partners as well as private and non-profit organizations to address the housing needs of residents living off-reserve or in the north. Additional resources for housing developers and portfolio managers can be found on Affordable Housing in Canada.

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