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The Role of the First Nations Housing Manager

A First Nations Housing Manager may be expected to carry out and/or oversee a wide variety of housing related tasks. A Housing Manager may be a planner, a technician, an administrator, a supervisor, a communicator, a financial officer all rolled into one position. The Housing Manager may require a skill set in all these areas.

As a First Nations Housing Manager carries out these roles they may find themselves performing some or all of the following tasks:


  • development of housing community plan
  • preparation of housing policies
  • developing short and longer term maintenance plans
  • capital replacement planning

Technical and/or housing knowledge

  • ensuring construction and renovation meet appropriate standards
  • overseeing new construction and renovation
  • preparation of applications for various housing programs
  • using technical reports for decision making purposes.
  • developing proposals
  • request for bids/tender call
  • annual housing inspections


  • preparing budgets & forecasts
  • monitoring budget take-up
  • using financial reports for decision making purposes


  • designing department & developing job descriptions
  • preparing reports
  • overseeing proper record keeping
  • organizing/preparing for meetings
  • housing committee member/chair
  • maintaining a housing inventory


  • managing housing personnel
  • managing tenant relations
  • preparing written communications
  • making presentations
  • facilitating community meetings
  • staff evaluations

To assist a Housing Manager in meeting the expectations of the position, a detailed written description of the duties of the position is essential. The job description should be specific to the tasks required of a Housing Manager in their First Nation community. Aboriginal Housing staff at your local CMHC office can offer advice and information on typical duties of a First Nations Housing Manager.

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